For human rights, following music rhythm

Following music rhythm, the irresistible ethno-rock rhythm by Mahala Rai Band come from Romania; the funny flamenco by Juan Amaya “El Pelòn” come from Spain; the traditional music by Alexian Group and the European Orchestra for Peace composed of Italian Roma musicians...
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Out in the bookshops in March “Equal, different, normal”: Roma world seen by Roma people.

The book published by Castelvecchi has been edited by the researcher Martina Giuffrè and includes also the texts by 9 Roma guys that experimented themselves in the role of researchers in their communities.
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Roma people at the City Hall no assistenzialism,
more value to the competences

The celebration of the 43° international day of Roma and Sinti took place in the Rome city hall, the 8th of April. The event was organized jointly by the office of the Presidency of the Council of Ministries in charge of the fight against racial discrimination (UNAR) and the Campaign “My name...
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